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Robot-LED optical tests

Static test systems with fixed cameras are usually inadequate for the quality monitoring of large, complex and varied assemblies. Modern image processing systems for test systems in modern production are increasingly used directly on the production line.

2D and 3D Robot Vision Systeme combine the flexibility of industrial robots with the capacity of image processing systems. Complex parts and geometrise of different sizes and condition can be identified and examined optically, positions and 3D locations determined and different production types automatically recognised.

A camera/vision sensor/3D measurement head can thus be used at different testing locations with different camera parameters.

Surface inspection

Optical, robot-led surface inspection offers 100% quality control for the production of workpieces at consistently high quality, independently of the operator and reliably.

High-resolution cameral systems examine your workpieces precisely and recognise the smallest defects.

The high rate of examination allows self-sufficient or line-integrated, cycle-suitable inspection.

Weld testing

Automated welding is state of the art in many sectors of industry these days. The quality of the welded joints is, however, almost always still evaluated visually by specially trained workers.

Optical, robot-led 2D and 3D weld examinations allow a fully automatic, time and cost efficient weld examination.

The necessary personnel requirements are reduced and the natural, human rate of error is ruled out.

Glue bead examination

The volumes, application areas and form of glue beads can be determined and measured by robot-led, 3D examination.

The glue bead is controlled for height, width and position directly following application with the same robot, using a 3D measurement head.

Component examination

The control and examination of component-specific characteristics with robot-led, optical component examination allows the fast examination of different characteristics at different positions on the component.

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