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Pütz Group – reliable service – worldwide

Intensive training of your professionals in Germany during the running-in period is essential to ensure production operation.

  1. Customer service hotline for immediate assistance by telephone.
  2. Modem-supported fault localization within 24 hours together with your technical staff. A stable infrastructure (telephone, internet) at the end customer's plant is required.
  3. Deployment of specialized service technicians on site within 48 hours. Availability of appropriate spare parts, visa and vaccinations for the destination country is assumed.
  4. In times of Corona we are dependent on the current country-specific travel information and current travel warnings. Please consider the special entry and exit rules, such as a corona test at the destination airport or officially ordered quarantine periods.

Contact Persons

Mr. Christoph Egger

Phone: +49 7151 604033 12
Fax:  +49 7151 604033 312

Mr. Thomas Ohl

Phone: +49 6431 285650 12
Fax: +49 6431 285650 29

Member of Member of Pütz Group

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