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Everything from a single source: From camera integration through the test cell to a complete automation solution.

Companies, including those in the quality management sector, are faced with particular challenges in the age of Industry 4.0. Industrial image processing systems carry out reliable controlling in assembly and manufacture. This puts you in a position to also control complex products, components or assemblies with quite different characteristics quickly and without errors.

Our competences:

  • Size testing
  • Surface inspection
  • Checks on presence/completeness
  • 3D examination
  • OCR examination (Optical Character Recognition)
  • Robot-led optical examination and inspection
  • Automated, optical end-of-line examination and documentation stations
  • Customer-specific tests of all kinds

Everything from a single source

Through out integration in the Pütz Group and the resulting synergy effects we are in a position to offer you solutions beyond simple image processing: from camera integration through the test cell to a complete automation solution.

Your benefit:

In comparison to manual size testing or visual examination by human eye our solutions work more reliably, more evenly, more objectively, faster and more inexpensively.

  • Realisation of the strategy: 100% quality and 0 errors through automated control
  • Cost reduction through less personnel and earlier reworking in the production process
  • Cognitive alleviation of employees
  • Shorter lead times because of fewer errors and more automation
  • Better decisions through automatic documentation and provision on the Internet
  • High level of efficiency: typical return of investment is 1-2 years.

We will bring your production onto the road of success because we have the technologies you need.

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