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DOT code examination
Process safety through automation

Compared to the manual capture and examination  of DOT codes on tyre walls automated processes  offer clear benefits:  They are more reliable, consistent, objective,  faster and cheaper.

INNOVISION has developed a worker-independent, robot-guided,  automated test system for this purpose


Benefit from its advantages!

+  100 quality and 0 errors  thanks to automated monitoring
+  Cost reductions due to less  personnel and earlier reworking  in the production process
+  shorter throughput times  thanks to fewer errors and  greater automatio


Tyre walls are scanned with a robot-guided 3D laser and a 3D image  of the tyre wall is created. Different tyre heights, radii and peripheries ranging from 13 – 24 inches and the laser’s working distance are adjusted automatically by the robot.


The 3D image is processed.


The processed image is evaluated and examined according to the specifi-cations (examination for correctness, completeness, plausibility, date of manufacture, letter size and height).
100 % capture of DOT codes


We offer test systems in the following versions:

  • Inline systems
    (Integration into production lines)
  • Retrofits
    (r etrofits for existing  production lines)
  • Autonomous stations
    for warehouses and distribution centres

Technical details:

  • Collaborative robots
  • Very short throughput times
  • Automatic data documentation
  • Outside and rotation tests
  • Database communication
  • ProfineThTCP/IP
  • etc.


Contact Persons

Christoph Egger
Project Management


Thomas Ohl
Project Management
Test Engineering


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